How do you put God on Display?

How Do You Put God On Display...

Think Of Your Life As A Canvas, And The Decisions You Make As The Strokes Of The Paintbrush. Every Choice You Make Adds Depth And Dimension To Your Canvas. Dreams, Values, And Ideas By The Stroke Of Your Brush Become An Assortment Of Colors, Tones And Shades That Give Your Painting Character. Every Canvas Has The Potential To Be A Masterpiece. How's Your Painting Coming Along?
Is Yours A Painting Of Selfishness, Arrogance, Pride, Anger And Control? 
Or Is It A Beautiful Painting Of Kindness, Gentleness, Compassion And Love. I Don't Know,
But... If Jesus Was A Painter I Think His Canvas Would Look More Like The Last Description. I'm
Not Trying To Be Hyper-Spiritual Or Poetic. I'm Just Trying To Get You To Think... If
You Are A Canvas And Your Life Is A Painting, What Are You Displaying? You Might Be
Like, "Thomas – That Sounds Great And All But What's The Practical Application? We Live
In The 21st Century..." Well I'm Glad You Asked. This Morning On My Prayer Walk I Felt
The Lord Prompting Me To Express His Love Through An Act Of Kindness. I Walked Into
Starbucks To Get My Cold-Brew Iced Coffee With An Added Shot And I Noticed This Lady Behind
Me Rummaging Through Her Purse, Picking Through Folded Dollars And Hidden Coins . I
Continued With My Order And Told The Barista I'd Cover Her Drink Too, Motioning To The Woman Behind Me. With A Look Of Gratitude And Bewilderment, The Woman Replied, "Are You Sure?"
Without Delay I Then Responded "Absolutely, God Is Good ! Have A Great Day!" :D

Where In Your Life Are You Expressing God's Love Through Your Actions? How Are You Putting God On Display? Please Share Your Experiences – And Let's Put God On Display With Our Lives And Not Just Our Words. 1John 3:18, Hebrews 10;24-25