Lord we need Hearts of compassion

Early one morning i was praying,

praying for my




When God flooded my heart with compassion.

He brought an image of these kids smoking weed and hanging out.

I seen this image before.

I walk passed them almost every other day and i don't say anything.

the conviction and compassion of God flooded my heart.

i began to think of those kids and how my sisters are that same age.

i began weeping over these kids.

I told God if i see them today ill stop and talk to them.

Later that day

when the emotions were gone

and i had just worked a nine hour day.

guess who i saw?

Yup, i saw those kids.

wrestling with God as i walk towards them, i say okay God I'm going to talk with them.

I approach a group of about 7 or 8 high school kids smoking a blunt.

First thing i say:

I'm not here to telling you to stop smoking weed.

I'm not here to tell you to stop having sex.

I'm not here to tell you to stop drinking.

I just want to tell you what happened.

I begin to tell them my testimony how i ran to sex, drugs, and alcohol for fun but in the end it always left me empty. broken . depressed i never found what i was looking for in these things: no purpose , no security , no identity. Just emptiness.

But Jesus Christ saved my life.

I began to tell them that their children of God.

and God has a plan for their lives and its far better then this.



began to fill their faces.

I signaled one girl out!

And said, " I see that judgment on your face and i still tell you, you are a daughter of God.

Your security is not found in a man!

Your identity is not found in this,

Your are treasure to God.

You are valuable

and God loves you.

tears began to fill her eyes.

The presssence of God dropped instantly

I then began to tell them that i Love them very much

and God put them on my Heart; If they ever wanted to talk ,

i work right across the street at the church and i would love to talk with them when ever they want