Holy Spirit Don't bother me its my Day off...

Today it was my day off.

I intended to rest       




and pretty much nothing else.

6:58 AM  - God woke me up.

"I respond No God it's my day off, i don't have to get up!" 

He doesn't respond..

7:24 AM  -  Still can't go back to sleep.

His response is loud and clear at this point so i get up.

So i go about my day:  

Morning Devotion

Petes Coffee

Read My Bible



Lunch with a friend.

Then as I'm leaving the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. 

I feel lead to take a walk up Van Ness. 

I'm walking up Van ness, it my day off.  

I feel Good.

I feel refreshed.

No agenda.

No Schedule.

No Tasks.

Complete Freedom.

I get to AMC theatre on Van ness and decide to go inside.

I go inside and sit on one of those Massage Chairs to relax.

I put a couple dollars in the massage chair.

I waist time on Facebook.  

I Call a few friends.  

When a Homeless woman comes in and sits in the massage chair, right next to me!

She has a Bag full of street sheets and a steel reserve in her pocket.

I continue to aimlessly stroll through my news feed pretending like i don't notice her.

God clearly says,  "talk to her."

I keep my eyes down on my phone, pretending to be captivated by a barage of selfies and 

streams of dried up empty words hoping that she will just go away.

But nope, She doesn't go away.

God again says, "Talk to her."

I put my phone down.

And i ask her, "How are you doing?"

she responds, "good and yourself?"

I'm doing well thank you. 

I ask her where's she from?

she responds ," I've lived in the San Francisco all of my life."

I ask her if she has any Kids?

With pain and a sigh of defeat in her voice she responds,


"Their all grown now."

She must have been 55 yrs old.




lost and alone.

I began to tell her my testimony.

With compassion in my Heart and tears in my eyes 

I tulled her about Jesus and what he has done in my life.

With tears in Her eyes she reached out and grabbed my hand

and said it's alright.  I squeezed her hand with both of my hands and looked her in the eyes, and

"said can i pray for you?"

She responded eagerly with, "Please."

I then began to Pray for Monique and her Kids that God would flood their lives with His Love.

That He would Break every chain of bondage and do a complete restoration in her life. 

Both of us

in Gods Hand

in that moment

tears in our eyes

and Gods Love in our hearts.

See every inconvenience as an opportunity to share Gods Love.

What are you doing on your day off?