Heavy Heart

Can’t sleep



Can’t think


Just a heavy heart


That sinks.








To the bottom of the ocean


like an anchor


Lodged in the sand


Waiting for the ship to set sail once again.


We Realize its purpose


to be still








Unchanging regardless the circumstances.




As The


waves above


Begin to swell


And storm clouds form


and lightning flashes.


At the bottom of the ocean


There's an anchor


Lodged in the sand



And its purpose


Is to be still








Unchanging regardless it circumstances.



As the storm will soon pass


The ship will set sail once again.





“be still heavy heart the Lord is my anchor.”


- Thomas Seibert, AOTC

Journal Entry #1

        “Our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers, we bloom, then
wither away and die. “ (Psalm 103:15)  I listen to the psalmist and
wonder what is the purpose of life on earth, if we’re here today and gone
tomorrow.  Do we only exist and then that's it?  Does life only consist
of climbing the corporate ladder, indulging in endless discourses of
education, or accumulating wealth and materialism? I think not.  Will
people remember me after I’m gone?  Abraham Lincoln was known for
abolishing slavery, Thomas Edison was known for inventing the lightbulb,
Mohandas Gandhi was known for Indian independence, and Jesus Christ was
known for bringing salvation to all humanity.  All these influential
leaders have passed away but their still remembered today.  Their words
echo in our hearts and ignite a passion for us to live a legacy that will
last longer than our lifespan.

        What would be the most positive thing that could be said about you life
if you were to die today? 

That I lived beyond myself. That I saw the needs of others and did what I could. I’m not perfect but I love people. I’ve been grateful to have another chance in life, so I share it with others.  In Feb, 2016 I was In Rajahmundry India for the second time in my life volunteering at an orphanage.  When I caught the eyes of a 12 year old boy named, “Sevah” in the crowd of five hundred orphans.  Sevah’s eyes lit up as if he remembered me from four years ago when we played together.  Tears of joy began to cloud my vision.  My heart leaped with compassion, as I ran over there and gave him a big hug.  My heart was full to the brim as Sevah gripped me, like “A son would hold onto his father.”  This memory is a treasure I hold dear to my heart. On this trip I also had the honor to share my story to a crowd of over 10,000 people in India.  Humbled, not qualified, not worthy I shared my story and hoped that my words and my heart would encourage them.  During the crusade we also provided the people with 2 meals a day. This trip challenged the way I live my life in America.  Kindness is more than empty rhetoric.   My
words of wanting to help others began to take form.  My broken heart began to experience sincere compassion for others.  I hope people will share my experiences, like Sevah and about my efforts to help others long after I'm gone.

            What would be said about you at your memorial service?

Thomas Seibert loved people wholeheartedly, not just with his words but with his
actions.  He was selfless.  He was a man of joy and positivity.  He
planted seeds of hope, when those were trenching through the depths of
despair.  He encouraged faith and inspired others to live beyond
themselves.  He put the interests of others before his own.  He was a
great man.  He built a bridge from the grave to our hearts that inspires
us to live honorable lives, To be people of character and prayer.  To
expand the post of our imagination,  and not be scared to dream.  To
plant seeds in the soil of the next generation, in order for the next
generation to reap a harvest. He was a man who invested into eternity.

          In June 2016 I spent three weeks in Monrovia, Liberia.  Liberia has
suffered a civil war for 30 years and for the past ten years has
struggled to recover.  Corruption, poverty, and oppression weigh
heavily on the hearts of the people in Liberia. I spoke with a 27-yr. old
man named Magnus about his life in Liberia and I remember him telling
me this, “Poverty is not how much money you have in your pocket it’s a
state of mind.” This statement revealed the condition of his heart and
the hope he has for his country, and that they would see better days.
If I lived to eighty-five I would want to empower others to reach their
full potential. Developing farming skills in third world countries.
Providing economic stimulus in impoverished areas through business
development.  Teaching proper use of natural resources.  Encourage
Innovation and creativity. Providing healthcare and education to those
that don't have it.  Planting churches and orphanages. Teach others to
know God, love people, and live life to the fullest.  Some specific
activities I would need to be engaged in to accomplish these goals
would be: Church, Education, Multi-Cultural Communications, Journalism, Video/Photography, Design, Economics, Agriculture, Business, Socialism, Humanitarianism, and Philanthropy.

- Thomas Seibert